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The “ARROW” program is the name of our embedded systems course,which aims to bridge the gaps between the acedemic and industrial perspectives of students.

ARROW program will align with industry methodologies, standards, processes, and tools, allowing students to catch up on projects in firms.

This program will cover the most of the fundamental Embedded system components such as C, Embedded C, Operating Systems, Networking, RTOS, and Real time projects.
It’s also focus on the standards, tools, and methods that will be employed in the embedded system industry.
After completion of our arrow program students will be job ready and take up the real time job with minimum supervision.

Course Highlights:

  • This program will cover basic to advanced level embedded system concepts
  • Follows Industry standards and ISO standards
  • Involved in real time industrial projects
  • Will get exposure on different domains like Automotive, Locomotive, Aerospace, storage
  • IoT, Robotics
  • Industry used compilers, simulators and other tools
  • Covers corporate training, soft skills, aptitude training
  • Covers AI tools
  • Helps in building professional network
  • Will get experience in real time embedded projects
  • Gets hands on experience on industry standards and procedures
  • Involved in throughout Design, Develop and validation of products

Why this course is unique:

  • “ARROW” program is designed and teached by industry experts.
  • This program is allign with industry process and standards.
  • This program will cover real time industry POCs and project models.
  • Right after this program students will be ready to job.